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Have an idea for a cake? Baker’s Dozen connects designers and buyers in a marketplace where only the best cake wins! Buyers seeking bespoke cakes are guided to describe their perfect cake so that designers can respond with their ideas. Once a competition has ended the buyer chooses their favourite and the designer then bakes the cake! Baker’s Dozen makes it easy for buyers to find the best designers and for designers to find reliable clients. Over time Baker’s Dozen will become a fantastic visual compendium of cake designs and will become the world’s most-loved cake destination. Fancy a cake?

The Brief

Design an app to help people buy bespoke cake designs for special occasions and to help designers find clients for their cake designing businesses. Consider the ways in which people interact with their smartphones to make the app and easy to use, enjoyable experience. The app should be easy to navigate, making use of common design patterns and components where applicable to help users feel comfortable using the app.

The Problem

Finding the perfect cake designer can be a difficult task. Even if buyers know about a few different decorators it can be difficult to track who does the best work for the best price. Buyers need a place where decorators can find them and compete for their business.

Renting premises for a cake designing business is a high barrier to entry for many. Both hobbyist and professional designers need to be able to find clients without already having paid a large fee to enter the field.

App in use

The Solution

Baker’s Dozen is the perfect place for cake buyers and decorators to get what they need. It provides a marketplace in which anybody can get their dream cake or earn money for fulfilling the cake filled dreams of others. Buyers describe their perfect cake and provide images to be used as inspiration. Decorators then compete to design these cakes before the deadline. After the deadline has passed the buyer gets to choose their favourite design and have it made for them. People need unique cakes for all sorts of situations and Baker’s Dozen provides the perfect place to get them. A portfolio system is used on the app the give decorators a place to show off their previous work and to give buyers the opportunity to see what they can expect for their final product.

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Unique Selling Points

  • Nothing like it currently exists.
  • Filter competitions by a large rang of criteria such as location or event type.
  • Gives buyers the ability to find limitless cake decorators without having to search them out.
  • Also allows cake decorators to find buyers without having to hunt for clients.

The Process

In order to create the final prototype I used This tool gave me all of the features I needed to create a fully interactive prototype that feels like the real thing. The animation features in this prototyping tool use a timeline editor which is perfect creating natural feeling animations and interactions. in use

User Testing

User Testing was a key part of my work. I did a range of tests such as card sorting and surveys in order to find out how users were interacting with my prototype.

During the final stages of my project the prototype was tested every 2 days. This gave me the opportunity to make any major changes to Baker’s Dozen during earlier design stages.

Card Sorting

Phone Interactions

During the development of Baker’s Dozen a lot of time was spend researching and considering how users interact with their phones. This resulted in the final product feeling like a native phone app that is easy to use for anyone, with more efficient interaction methods for anyone familiar with current mobile design patterns.