BBC Technology Challenge

I was part of the team representing The University of Central Lancashire and we placed 2nd. I created a JavaScript prototype for a customisable BBC Sport and presented it along with the team at the BBC.

The brief we were given was to create a more personal experience for BBC Sport. We came up with all sorts of ideas such as a location/context dependant homepage that will provide you with content most appropriate for your situation. For example, if a user is driving home, the only content that they can receive is audio based, to reduce the level of distraction on their journey. Or if they are at work, they will only see live-feed style articles, so that the content they see is digestible in short bursts, requiring minimal focus.

Other ideas included spoiler free content, allowing users to opt-out of seeing scores for matches they’d not seen, for example. A second-screen style experience, allowing a family to watch a match on the big screen via BBC iPlayer, but see independent content related to the match on their mobile phones. Allowing for a personalised viewing experience for every user.

Our solution, titled ‘BBC Your Sport’ presented some of the ideas outlined above along with a customisable homepage prototype built using jQuery. This homepage divided content into blocks that the user could extend and manipulate at their will. The Prototype allowed the user to change the layout of the blocks and to choose which type of content they wanted to see: articles, videos, audio, score tables, etc.